Meditation in motion – taking a shower

Your body is the best home you will ever have in this life.

It is changing all the time – every single second new cells are being formed, old skin is being shed, hair follicles are growing. Yet it is also our supreme constant, housing our Self and our awareness from the time we are conceived to the time we die.

Washing the body is, for most people, a necessity and a daily task. Some of us love to shower, while some of us see it as something to complete as quickly as possible before moving on to something more fun or more ‘productive’.

I find that bringing my awareness to the process of having a shower helps me not only to feel grateful for my body and everything it does for me, but also to enjoy the time spent in the shower itself more.

Getting started

As you get into the shower, feel excited like you haven’t showered since a long flight or a night camping. Feel the water with your hand before getting in to make sure you’re really satisfied with the temperature. If this takes you a minute or so, don’t rush. Give yourself the time to make sure it’s just right.

As you step underneath the water, feel it on your skin, running down your body to your feet, noticing the moment your whole body is wet. Even if it’s cold outside, you are happy stood in there with no clothes on, so warm is the water.

Run your fingers over your hair and face. Think of it as your own personal spa. Time is yours here… Breathe deeply.

Make it work for you

Use the products a little slower than usual. Enjoy how the texture of your hair changes as you use shampoo and conditioner. If you are only using body wash, make sure you really smooth the liquid over your body and enjoy how soft your skin feels underneath it.

Clasp your hands and run it through them and then around your neck and wrists. It can be for 5 or 10 seconds and still feel like an express massage.

Anything else you need to do whilst in the shower, try to really feel it and enjoy it. Focus on the action and the resulting sensations. Try not to rush, the shower will likely only take about 1-2 minutes longer this way but will feel much more replenishing. It’s time for you, if you can make it.

And when the mind wanders…

If you do find your mind wandering (which it will, it always will) that’s okay. Just gently pick out one sensation and use it to pull yourself back into the present moment.

It could be the mist in front of your eyes, a sound outside the bathroom door, the feel of the water hitting a different bit of your body or going in your ear. Use them, very gently, to bring you back each time.

When you turn off the shower and step back outside, feel how your skin responds to the air for maybe 5-10 seconds before you put the towel around you.

Take another deep and gentle breath. Breathe it out (into the mist if you have it, it looks cool) and smile your thanks for a lovely shower and for feeling clean.

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