Who am I?

An ode to the soul

I am silence, but mine is the loudest voice

I am stillness, but I move you through this life.

I am formless, but I carve and smooth and shape you

I have no eyes, but I give you your world view.

I have no mouth, but I make your heart sing,

I am everything, but made from a wonderous nothing.

I have no hands, but you can feel my pull,

In my vast emptiness, I make your whole being full.

I have no boundary, but am contained within you

I am yours alone, but every others too.

I am colourless, but brighter than a flower,

I am soft and delicate, with the world’s greatest power.

I am your anchor, but I set you free,

Smaller than an atom, but large as anything could be.

I am not light, but I make the world truly glisten

I am you, if you’ll only but listen.

One response to “Who am I?”

  1. Love this delicious morsel of insight that greeted me this morning.

    Liked by 1 person

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