The Farm – Glastonbury festival 2022

The air is warm, hung thick over blue and green sights
Painted with scars of colour, ribbons, lights and tent stripes

The smell of sweat, of joy, of humanities dance 
Acrid as the days pass but fresh with resilience

Glitter on cheeks, teeth flash white and wide
Lips thin with smiles and starry eyes

Signs herd to treasure and hidden caves
Where skin touches, and chests shake in secret raves 

Move or be moved with the unending tide
Some eager, some laughing, some tired, some high

A place to be, to feel, to ignite and to live
Away from screens and news and bills and careers

A place to breathe and laugh and sing and sweat
To heal and mend
To remember, and forget

A magic cast greater than parts combined
Gathered souls rejoice,
In being


Thank you to all the wonderful people who planned, played, produced, marshalled, cleaned, fed and watered a quarter of a million people on the most magical farm in the world.

Humanity needs weeks like this, and we are so grateful.

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