For Mac…

In those eyes I see a soul untouched by expectation, comparison or material greed.
I see a fierceness of will not yet dampened by time, asking to be met with open ears, a gentle touch, a strength of conviction and a truth of words spoken.

In those eyes I see a promise, day by day unfolding like the buds of spring that voyage to their full bloom.
I see a curiosity buoyed by the blissful absence of experience and heartache, unanswered questions rising and fading as sure as the tides.

In those eyes I see a playfulness that invites me to run barefoot across the sand, laughing into the wind without a care for who watches.
I see a dare to be rooted in every moment with a presence of mind that turns a shoulder to memories of before and hopes for after, for the fear of missing right now.

In those eyes I see a love untamed by qualifiers or bargains, wide, bright and uncompromising as it spills over the horizon.
I see a landscape wild with liberation and possibility, bound not by ambition or hope but only by the strength of the sun that shines brilliantly upon it.

In those eyes I see a conviction to honour every instinct, asking for what is needed in mournful cries or ecstatic song.
I see danger, the executioner of what once was, poised to take a thousand versions of me along the road of perpetual growth.

In those eyes I see a light so bright and pointed it spears like a laser, refracting joy, hope, and passion against a darkened sky.

And in those eyes I see a force that will tear down the walls of a city, only to expose its beating heart to fully meet the limitless adventure of simply being alive.

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