Lauren Ham

Simply a curious person, trying to figure out how to be happy and content whilst still having all of the fun!


About me…. well let’s start with the obvious. I’m a human. One who identifies as female. I have many roles; wife, daughter, sister, employee. I have a name, and a family and two very cute cats. But at the centre of it all, I am a person trying to figure out how to live happily, contentedly, and fully. I am interested in finding out how to show up with my fullest Self, how to live what is actually happening in the moment, and how I can make the most of my relationships, my career, and my time on this planet.

I want to understand different wisdoms and modernise them or make them a living reality to bring a new richness and colour to life. Writing helps me to make sense of things. By sharing those writings here, maybe they’ll be interesting to you too?

Thinking back, I have always been interested in people, our relationship to the world, and the nature of our consciousness and its possibilities.

I gained a First Class Honours degree in Psychology at Cardiff University, going on to work in the criminal justice system with people wishing to address their drug and alcohol use, before joining the NHS as a commissioner of community services. Everything I have worked on, or worked for, was always about people.

I love yoga, meditation and self-discovery. I also love burgers, cocktails and house music. I live by the sea in Devon, England with my husband and two cats. When I am not working you’ll find me with my nose in a book, sea swimming, coastal walking, eating something yummy or catching up with friends.

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